Sunday, 1 September 2013

Muso Ramen Noodle and Gyoza Bar

Cuisine: Japanese 
Shop 2B/2484 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach 
Mermaid Beach, QLD 4218

When waiting for our ride home after dinner from Itoshin, we saw that next door was a ramen place that was fully packed. In our quest to search for the best ramen (outside Japan) we decided to should go to the place, Muso, the next day. 

Inside, we were impressed how clean the place was and a peek into the kitchen you can eye their noodle-making machine that makes their fresh store-made noodles. They have few selection of ramen and 2 rice dishes and gyoza (dumplings). All ramen have a choice of miso/soy for soup base, thin/thick noodles, extra topping (eg minced garlic, pork fat belly are free while others come at an extra cost). You order and pay at the counter then receive a table number with self-serviced lemon water. . 
Muso tonkatsu spicy miso ($14) with extra garlic, thin noodles
When our food arrived we were impressed with the portioning. There were lots of toppings of seaweed and spring onions. The texture of the noodles were on the softer side but that may also be because we ordered thin noodles and I eat very slow allowing more it to absorb the soup base. The soup was exceptionally thick and mildly spicy. Halfway through my bowl we realised we could adjust the thickness of the soup with dashi stock available in a flask on the counter. This made it much more enjoyable without the thick gunky feeling going down my throat. 
Tonkatsu black ($14) miso soup, thin noodles
As was with the tonkatsu spicy miso, the soup was very thick and flavourful. We recommend if you want chewier ramen ask for thick noodles instead of thin. The normal sized bowls were already generous serves but if you extra famished you have the option to upsize to large and order extra noodles.
We ordered the Mini braised pork rice bowl ($4) as it looked interesting on the table next to us. We were told to add their "ramen punch sauce" for extra flavour and mix it in. After mixing in the egg into the rice, it gives an overall wet sticky consistency. The braised pork has a light Chinese char siu flavour and with the small portioning it is a good entree dish. 
Pan fried pork gyoza ($6) was juicy and full of filling with thin skin. Skin was not crispy enough for our preference however the light humble dumpling flavour is delicious. 

A laidback atmosphere with friendly staff, you will be enjoy this place even more if you are a fan of rock music as it appears the owner has an appreciation for this genre with Pink Floyd and ACDC posters decorating the walls and rock music playing. It is the richest soup base we've ever and can nearly taste the hours it must have taken to get that flavour intensity. 

Food: 6/10
Service: 6/10 
Cost: Reasonable
Overall dining experience: 7/10

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  1. The spicy sesame ramen was the best of any I ever had. Highly recommended!